" Apple Polishes iPhone for Business Market - CBS News"

" Apple Polishes iPhone for Business Market - CBS News"

"Apple's iPhone Enterprise program is drawing positive if cautious reviews. The beta initiative aims to allow corporate IT departments sample and experiment with iPhone 2.0 software before its general release. The iPhone has scads of people in the business world using it, but mostly through consum..."
31-10-2023 15:42:49

" Cadburys Drinks-Business Spinoff Eludes Credit Monster - CBS News"

"It's been more than a year since Cadbury-Schweppes, under pressure from investors, said it would spin off its U.S. beverages business. But finally, it looks like it's actually going to happen: The spinoff, with the somewhat silly-sounding moniker Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, will begin trading on the N..."
31-10-2023 15:42:22

" Mozilla CEO Bites Apple - CBS News"

"John Lilly, the CEO of open-source giant Mozilla, has called Apple's ethics into question. He claims Apple is sneaking its Safari browser onto PCs by tucking it into a software update for iTunes and Quicktime (when you go to update the two, a box to also download the new Safari 3.1 for Windows is ch..."
31-10-2023 15:42:07

" The Middle Market: An Unglamorous Opportunity - CBS News"

"The middle market is that great area where customers on the low end of the income scale aspire to shop, and where high-end spenders fear to fall. Think Sears, T.J. Maxx, and Applebee's as prototype mid-market players. Harvard Business School marketing professor John Quelch thinks the middle marke..."
31-10-2023 15:41:31

" Get a 10-inch Apple iPad for its lowest price ever at Amazon - CBS News"

"The ninth-generation Apple iPad tablet has never been more affordable."
31-10-2023 15:40:18

"Apple en Samsung begraven strijdbijl buiten de VS | Het Parool "

"Apple en Samsung laten alle aanklachten vallen die ze tegen elkaar hebben ingediend in patentzaken buiten de Verenigde Staten. Dat hebben de techno..."
31-10-2023 14:38:23

"'Chinese overheid doet Apple in de ban' | Het Parool "

"De Chinese overheid doet uit veiligheidsoverwegingen computers en tablets van Apple in de ban. Het is voor overheidsinstanties verboden om nog prod..."
31-10-2023 14:38:02

" Facebook reportedly provided Apple, Samsung with access to data from users, their friends - CBS News"

"Extensive report by New York Times finds Facebook reached agreements with at least 60 different device makers"
31-10-2023 13:43:36

" Apple WWDC 2018: Everything you need to know from Mondays keynote – iOS12, Apple Watch updates, group FaceTime, Apple Music, iTunes, MeMoji and more - CBS News"

"Apple unveiled a host of new features Monday at its annual Worldwide Developers' Conference"
31-10-2023 13:43:32

" Apple, Oprah to team on streaming video service - CBS News"

"Media mogul joining forces with tech giant in move to challenge Netflix and Hulu's dominance of online entertainment"
31-10-2023 13:43:04

" Apple wants to solve problems pinpointing 911 calls for help - CBS News"

"The iPhone's next operating system may deliver more reliable location information to the country's 911 centers"
31-10-2023 13:43:02

"Apple CarPlay 2.0 komt sneller dan je denkt – dit moet je weten"

"Apple werkt aan een vernieuwde versie van CarPlay, maar er is weinig bekend over de releasedatum. Komt Apple dit jaar nog met CarPlay 2.0?"
30-10-2023 19:08:12

"Apple-event 'Scary Fast' voor Macs: dit zijn de laatste geruchten"

"Maandagnacht heeft Apple een nieuw event 'Scary Fast' voor Macs in de planning staan. Maar welke Macs gaat Apple aankondigen?"
30-10-2023 19:08:10

"AirPods Max met usb-c komen eraan (dit moet je weten)"

"Apple is van plan om de AirPods Max van usb-c te voorzien. Maar wat gaat er nog meer veranderen? En wanneer komt deze versie uit?"
30-10-2023 19:07:53

"Hier kun je het Apple Mac-event 'Scary Fast' live kijken"

"Apple presenteert maandagnacht nieuwe Macs tijdens het 'Scary Fast'-event. Wij vertellen waar je het Apple-event live kunt kijken."
30-10-2023 19:06:53

"MacBook wordt véél goedkoper (maar je moet nog even wachten)"

"Apple werkt aan een nieuwe MacBook, die veel goedkoper is dan de huidige laptops. Zó weinig betaal je voor de goedkopere MacBook!"
30-10-2023 19:05:34

" FDA urging parents to test their kids for lead after eating WanaBana apple cinnamon puree pouches - CBS News"

"WanaBana has issued a voluntary recall of the pouches, which are sold at several retailers – including Amazon and Sam's Club – the FDA said​ in a recall alert Saturday."
30-10-2023 15:18:34

"Apple, Amazon en Microsoft blijven meest waardevolle merken van de wereld, Tesla maakt forse sprong | VRT NWS: nieuws"

"Zo blijkt uit het meest recente rapport van marktonderzoekbureau Interbrand. "
30-10-2023 08:49:03

"Gaza: Israeli troops advance, Al-Quds Hospital evacuation and regional warnings | CNN"

"Israeli troops have advanced more than two miles into Gaza in their expanding ground operation, a CNN analysis has found, as aid groups warned civil order is breaking down and hospitals grapple with “impossible” orders to evacuate patients."
30-10-2023 08:13:17

"5 tips om het Apple-event op maandagnacht te overleven"

"Volgende week is er een Apple-event, maar je moet lang opblijven om te kijken: hij start om 01:00! Met deze Apple-event tips overleef je dat."
30-10-2023 03:41:44

"Nieuw Apple-event op komst en iOS 17.1 is er (#iPhone-nieuws 43)"

"Er komt deze maand een nieuw Apple-event en iOS 17.1 is nu te installeren. Dit was het belangrijkste Apple- en iPhone-nieuws van deze week!"
30-10-2023 03:41:40

" How to watch the New York Jets vs. New York Giants NFL game: Livestream options, starting time, more - CBS News"

"In a Big Apple battle, the New York Jets take on the New York Giants in an early game today."
29-10-2023 12:07:12

"Maine mass shootings: Grieving Maine families grapple with unanswered questions after man accused of killing 18 is found dead | CNN"

"Maine families grieving their loved ones are also grappling unanswered questions after police found the body of the US Army reservist accused of carrying out the deadliest mass shooting in the United States this year – a rampage that left 18 people dead."
29-10-2023 08:42:13

"Looking back on the impact of the "War of the Worlds" radio drama 85 years later - CBS News"

"85 years ago, an adaptation of H.G. Wells's "The War of the Worlds" hit the radio airwaves, telling the story of a martian invasion in such alarming, thrilling way and blurring the lines between fiction and reality to a degree that some feared it was true. Michelle Miller takes a look back at that original radio drama and how it raised questions the world still grapples with today."
28-10-2023 16:55:18

"Met het nieuwe passkeys mag je jouw wachtwoorden (eindelijk) vergeten | RTL Nieuws"

"Het wordt eindelijk een stuk makkelijker om in te loggen bij onder meer Apple, Google en Amazon. Niet meer allerlei ingewikkelde wachtwoorden onthouden, maar gewoon inloggen met een simpele druk op de knop. Deze nieuwe technologie heet passkeys, is al beperkt toegankelijk en in de toekomst voor veel sites en apps te gebruiken."
28-10-2023 15:08:23

" Simple Tricks to Tune Up Your Brain - CBS News"

"I caught a great post the other day from Shilpan Patel, who contends that brain maintenance is a must if you want to keep your gray matter in shape. Luckily, cranium care needn't be too taxing; he offers 14 simple ways to supercharge your brain. Among them: Eat almonds and drink apple juice t..."
28-10-2023 03:11:00

" Is One Bad Apple Ruining Your Teams Morale? - CBS News"

"A friend of mine is having a problem with a member of his team. This employee (we'll call him Ned) is an hourly worker who has been fudging his time sheets while arriving late and leaving early. He isn't getting his work done by the required deadlines, which impacts other team members waiting for..."
28-10-2023 03:00:10

" Its iPhone 2.0 Day! - CBS News"

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm on the edge of my seat this morning waiting to get all the details on the new 3-G iPhone. It's time for Apple's World Wide Developer Conference, and Steve Jobs is on the stage this morning unveiling the newest iteration of my favorite multitasking and productivit..."
28-10-2023 02:42:29

" No Ones Perfect Dept: How Steve Jobs Missed the Music Revolution - CBS News"

"On the heels of Apple's announcement of a $199 iPhone and the company's continuing surge, it's instructive to recall that CEO Steve Jobs isn't always right. Enter the year 2001 into your Apple Time Machine to a period when the company was recording a $195 million loss -- the only loss suffered si..."
28-10-2023 02:41:51

" What the Customer Cannot Tell You - CBS News"

"Most companies say that being customer-led is at the heart of their growth strategy. Yet market leaders achieve success by being distinctive -- they lead customers, not vice-versa. Take Apple. A columnist who has interviewed Steve Jobs several times told me that, in all his sessions with Apple's ..."
28-10-2023 02:41:14