" Art of the African diaspora - CBS News"

" Art of the African diaspora - CBS News"

"Works of artists from Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean from the 17th through 21st centuries are on display in the exhibition "Afro-Atlantic Histories," the most comprehensive look at the interplay of art between Africa and the Americas."
03-10-2023 16:45:51

" The geometry of abstraction by artist Sean Scully - CBS News"

"Colorful grids and stripes woven together represent the signature style of the celebrated artist, the subject of a career retrospective at the Philadelphia Museum of Art."
03-10-2023 16:44:54

" The Hollywood Bowl: An icon celebrates 100 - CBS News"

"Nestled in a canyon above Los Angeles, the amphitheater where such celebrated artists as the L.A. Philharmonic, Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles have performed has been the quintessential Southern California destination for music fans."
03-10-2023 16:44:43

"'In het nieuwe leeuwenverblijf van Artis moet je zoeken naar de leeuwen'"

03-10-2023 15:37:53

"Simone Biles makes gymnastics history again - CBS News"

"Simone Biles became the first woman to land a Yurchenko double pike vault internationally at the World Artistic Gymnastic Championships in Belgium. The maneuver will be renamed Biles II, the fifth skill named after the 26-year-old."
03-10-2023 02:17:52

"Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac icon, now has her own Barbie | CNN"

"The likeness of Stevie Nicks, former member of rock band Fleetwood Mac, has been immortalized in a new Barbie doll – and the singer-songwriter is made up."
02-10-2023 20:20:59

"Eye Opener: Rep. Matt Gaetz says hell try to oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy - CBS News"

"House Speaker Kevin McCarthy faces an attempt to remove him by Rep. Matt Gaetz after a bipartisan deal to avoid a government shutdown. Also, the fraud trial of former President Trump begins Monday in New York. All that and all that matters in today’s Eye Opener."
02-10-2023 15:14:19

"Rep. Gaetz says he will file a motion this week to oust Speaker McCarthy - CBS News"

"House Speaker Kevin McCarthy pushed through a last-minute bipartisan stopgap bill on Saturday to keep the government open, but now his speakership is at risk as Rep. Matt Gaetz said on Sunday he will try to oust him from his leadership position. CBS News' congressional correspondent Nikole Killion reports."
02-10-2023 14:40:52

" "Modigliani Up Close": Revealing secrets of the master - CBS News"

"Curators and conservators at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia have unearthed secrets hidden under layers of paint on masterpieces by the famed Italian artist. Their findings are a part of an exhibition, "Modigliani Up Close.""
02-10-2023 04:46:48

" "Edward Hoppers New York" - CBS News"

"A new exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art provides a window into the artist's view of a changing and changeless city."
02-10-2023 04:46:05

" A dog lovers pilgrimage to Dog Mountain - CBS News"

"After a near-death experience, artist Stephen Huneck created Dog Mountain, a 150-acre leash-free retreat in scenic Northern Vermont, its centerpiece Dog Chapel, a place where dogs could be remembered by their loving humans."
02-10-2023 04:46:03

" Clive Davis: Pop musics elder statesman - CBS News"

"The 79-year-old record exec has launched countless best-selling artists in a half-century career that's still going strong"
01-10-2023 20:37:33

" "The Artist": Silents are still golden - CBS News"

"A new silent film celebrating Old Hollywood is making a lot of noise"
01-10-2023 20:37:16

"Where to see art gallery shows in the D.C. region - The Washington Post"

"Three artists’ exploration of the natural world, photos reflect the dichotomy of women’s roles, environmental degradation of water sources in the Middle East."
01-10-2023 08:39:53

"2023 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships: Simone Biles goes for more medals | CNN"

"For many, Simone Biles is the greatest gymnast of all time and after a two-year hiatus from the sport following the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, the US gymnast is back to what she does best: winning events."
30-09-2023 14:47:13

" Berkeley students battle fake news with "bot buster" - CBS News"

"Ash Bhat and Rohan Phadte found many partisan tweets don't come from real people, but instead from automated Twitter accounts -- and they decided to do something about it"
30-09-2023 12:37:30

" Holding Their Partisan Fire - CBS News"

"Gore Recalls Army Service In Vietnam"
30-09-2023 06:37:39

" ​Celebrating the Hudson River School of art - CBS News"

"In the exhibition "River Crossings" in Upstate New York, contemporary artists honor their forbears of the mid-19th century"
29-09-2023 07:40:48

" PSY feuding with artist tenants of his Seoul building - CBS News"

"The ​singer is fighting a legal battle with artist tenants who are reluctant to leave a building he owns in South Korea"
29-09-2023 07:39:51

" ​John Singer Sargents portraits of artists and friends - CBS News"

"A recent Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition showcases the Gilded Age master"
29-09-2023 07:38:33

" Artista Café in Tampa, Florida, serves up hope, opportunity for workers with autism - CBS News"

"Florida coffee shop trains people with autism to succeed in the workforce"
29-09-2023 03:10:44

" 25 years on, a look back at one of the most iconic photographs in hip-hop history - CBS News"

"On a September day in 1998, 177 of the greatest artists in hip-hop gathered together on a city block in Harlem."
29-09-2023 02:50:04

"A look back at one of the most iconic photos in hip-hop history - CBS News"

"On a September day in 1998, 177 of the greatest artists in hip-hop gathered together on a city block in Harlem for what would be one of the most iconic moments in music history. Jericka Duncan has more."
29-09-2023 02:15:29

"McConnell and McCarthy split deepens as GOP divide prompts shutdown fears | CNN Politics"

"House Speaker Kevin McCarthy privately delivered a message to Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell this week: The Senate’s bipartisan bill to keep the government open wouldn’t get a vote in his chamber unless significant changes are made."
28-09-2023 02:43:38

" Breaking the boundaries of stained glass - CBS News"

"This isn't your grandfather's stained glass: Artisans at Judson Studios create innovative and monumental windows for modern designs"
27-09-2023 17:45:02

" Grant Wood: An American artist - CBS News"

"The most extensive exhibition ever of works by one of the country's greatest painters, including the iconic "American Gothic," opens at the Whitney Museum in New York City"
27-09-2023 17:43:04

" For The Record: Janelle Monáe - CBS News"

"The artist talks about family, identity, her mentor Prince, and her new album, "Dirty Computer""
27-09-2023 17:42:48