"Ray-Ban Meta im Test: Was die Facebook-Brille kann – und wo sie scheitert | Leben & Wissen | BILD.de"

"Ray-Ban Meta im Test: Was die Facebook-Brille kann – und wo sie scheitert | Leben & Wissen | BILD.de"

"Meta hat zusammen mit Ray-Ban der Kultbrille Wayfarer ein technisches Upgrade verpasst und eine Kamera und Lautsprecher eingebaut. "
05-03-2024 23:05:36

"Wereldwijde storing Facebook en Instagram: inloggen uur lang lastig"

05-03-2024 19:06:57

"Meta breaks silence on Facebook and Insta session expired meltdown issuing major update - Mirror Online"

"Meta have broken their silence after a technical glitch today left Facebook and Instagram users unable to login to their accounts, with their communications chief claiming the problems have now been fixed"
05-03-2024 18:49:10

"Grote storing: Facebook en Instagram onbereikbaar | RTL Nieuws"

"Facebook en Instagram hebben sinds vanmiddag een storing. Inloggen op de socialmediakanalen van Meta is voor velen op dit moment niet mogelijk."
05-03-2024 16:51:09

"Facebook and Instagram down: Thousands hit by bug that blocks access to popular apps - Mirror Online"

"Facebook and Instagram are both down this afternoon with thousands unable to access their accounts."
05-03-2024 16:49:17

" Is that Facebook account real? Meta reports "rapid rise" in AI-generated profile pictures - CBS News"

"Publicly available technology enables anyone to create eerie deepfakes in seconds."
05-03-2024 12:34:35

"British Airways to offer free messaging apps on flights from next month - Mirror Online"

"The airline plans to introduce the service over two weeks starting from April 3, allowing travellers to send and receive texts on apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger and Teams "
05-03-2024 12:17:33

"British Airways to offer new freebie for passengers on flights from next month - Mirror Online"

"The airline said it will roll out the service over two weeks from April 3, enabling travellers to send and receive text on apps such as WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger and Teams."
05-03-2024 12:17:26

" When it comes to ketamine, Metas posting policy is no party to decipher - CBS News"

"Despite growing awareness that the party drug is dangerous, the social media company is open to promotion of the drug in treating mental health."
05-03-2024 11:09:20

"3 states open investigations into Cambridge Analytica, Facebook"

"Attorneys general in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts have launched investigations into the data firm"
04-03-2024 23:36:52

" Facebook retains Wall Streets faith despite Cambridge Analytica fallout - CBS News"

"Despite the "headline" risks around the embattled social networker, investors expect it to bounce back"
04-03-2024 23:35:58

" Breaking up with Facebook: How to delete your Facebook data? It may be harder than it looks - CBS News"

"The Cambridge Analytica scandal has some Facebook users rethinking their relationship with the social network"
04-03-2024 23:34:47

" OK, youve deleted Facebook, but is your data still out there? - CBS News"

"The Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal is raising questions about the after-life of personal data"
04-03-2024 23:34:26

" Facebook: Your personal info for sale - CBS News"

"The social media giant sells not only demographic data, but also information about how you behave"
04-03-2024 23:33:13

" Scammed on Skype, Facebook, Women Sent Money to Help "National Guard General" - CBS News"

"Scammer Duped at Least Three Women into Thinking He Was Vt. Nat'l Guard General"
04-03-2024 10:18:55

" Facebook Firing: Suit Settled Over Online Insults, Employers Get a Message - CBS News"

"Dawnmarie Souza Was Connecticut EMT Who Blasted Boss on Facebook, NLRB Tells Employers to Tread Lightly on Social Media"
04-03-2024 10:13:42

" Mark Zuckerbergs Alleged Stalker Apologizes, Vows to Leave Facebook CEO Alone, Says Report - CBS News"

"Zuckerberg Obtained a Restraining Order Against Pradeep Manukonda"
04-03-2024 10:13:34

" Lisa Stone Missing: High School Friends Take to Facebook to Try to Find Texas Woman - CBS News"

""For the Love of Lisa" Page Set Up by Classmates of Missing Woman"
04-03-2024 10:07:40

" Chicago Driver Sued for Updating Facebook Page During Fatal Crash - CBS News"

"Araceli Beas, 21, Claims She Was Temporarily Blinded By Sunlight When She Struck Pedestrian"
04-03-2024 09:47:37

" Facebook Murder-for-Hire Plot: Pa. Teen Corey Adams Admits He Used Site to Go After Rape Accuser - CBS News"

"Teen Gets 11 to 22 Yrs. in Prison; Rape Case Dates to June 2010"
04-03-2024 09:42:34

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04-03-2024 05:08:45

"WhatsApp: Neue Funktion macht Messenger bequemer | Leben & Wissen | BILD.de"

"Nutzer können jetzt ein bestimmtes Datum auswählen, um die an diesen Tagen ausgetauschten Nachrichten im Messenger herausfiltern. "
03-03-2024 16:42:44

"9000 Kilometer unterwegs: Björn radelt Suff und Obdachlosigkeit davon | Regional | BILD.de"

"Björn Grotheer war ohne Wohnung, ohne Arbeit und trank zu viel Alkohol. Dann kaufte er ein Rad, einen Anhänger. Und radelte seinen Sorgen davon "
03-03-2024 15:38:39

"Pepsi devastates fans after axing cult-favourite flavour - sparking petition to bring it back - Mirror Online"

"Fans are so gutted the popular drink, which launched back in 2019, has been continued they have started a dedicated Facebook page and petition - demanding Pepsi bring it back to stores..."
03-03-2024 13:15:59

" Grieving Dutch want loved ones bodies returned - CBS News"

"Friends say they want to say proper goodbye to musician, who posted Facebook joke about plane, and his girlfriend"
02-03-2024 20:37:14

"Sephora-Kids: Ärzte warnen vor Kinder-Beauty-Trend auf Tiktok | Leben & Wissen | BILD.de"

"Sie sind gerade mal acht Jahre alt und schmieren sich schon mit den teuersten Kosmetikprodukten ein. Mediziner schlagen jetzt Alarm."
02-03-2024 18:39:36

"Eye on America: Meta’s open source AI and a tour of Boston Dynamics - CBS News"

"In California, we learn why Meta is sharing its AI research findings with the world. Then in Massachusetts, we get an in-depth demo with some of the robots at Boston Dynamics. Watch these stories and more on "Eye on America" with host Michelle Miller."
02-03-2024 17:43:18

"CNN speaks to Palestinian photographer who captured the war in Gaza | CNN"

"For 108 days, Palestinian photographer Motaz Azaiza risked his life in Gaza to tell the story of the war to millions of followers on Instagram, as friends and family members were killed around him. But he has now left his native Gaza, feeling dismayed. CNN’s Becky Anderson speaks to him in an extensive interview about the toll it’s taken on him, and what he intends to do next. "
02-03-2024 17:02:56

"The witch doctors scamming Brits with terminal cancer - and promising £3,000 cure - Mirror Online"

"The self-proclaimed healers are using Facebook and Instagram to reach out to the most vulnerable, an act an expert in alternative medicine has branded "hocus pocus""
02-03-2024 10:21:03

"Instagram-Account gesperrt: 9 Tage offline kosten Erotik-Model Anike 15 000 Euro | Regional | BILD.de"

"Was ein neun Tage gesperrter Instagram-Account für Erotik-Model Anike Ekina aus Hamburg wirtschaftlich bedeutet. Und warum die Polizei jetzt ermittelt."
29-02-2024 17:07:54