"Israëlische Jack (22) gaat viral op TikTok om reacties op Nederlandse hits | RTL Nieuws"

"Israëlische Jack (22) gaat viral op TikTok om reacties op Nederlandse hits | RTL Nieuws"

"De 22-jarige Israeliër Jack Shore haalt miljoenen views op TikTok door video's waarin hij luistert naar Nederlandstalige muziek. Ook filmpjes waarin hij reclamejingles van bekende Nederlandse merken als HEMA, Kruidvat en Unox in een jasje steekt van indie electronica, worden door zijn achterban gewaardeerd. De video's zijn inmiddels goed voor bijna een half miljoen volgers en ruim 14,3 miljoen likes. "Dit had ik in Israël niet kunnen doen.""
24-07-2023 20:10:34

"Video: Israeli police fire water cannon at anti-government protesters | CNN"

"Israeli lawmakers vote on the first part of the government’s sweeping plan to weaken the power of the country’s courts. CNN’s Hadas Gold has more."
24-07-2023 15:38:36

"Israel passes law to strip Supreme Court of power to block government decisions, defying months of protests | CNN"

"Israeli lawmakers on Monday passed a law stripping the Supreme Court of its power to block government decisions, the first part of a judicial overhaul that has sparked six months of street protests and criticism from the White House."
24-07-2023 15:38:35

"Eye Opener: Unrelenting heat wave set to expand in U.S. - CBS News"

"The unrelenting heat wave is expanding this week and will impact millions of Americans. Also, Israel's parliament prepares to vote on changing the country's judicial system, prompting massive protests. All that and all that matters in today’s Eye Opener."
24-07-2023 15:07:35

"What is Israels judicial overhaul and why are people protesting? | CNN"

"Israeli lawmakers will vote Monday on the first major bill in the government’s plan to weaken the judiciary, despite six months of protests and American pressure against the most significant shakeup to the court system since the country’s founding."
24-07-2023 14:38:20

" Tensions at fever pitch in Israel with lawmakers set for key vote on historic judicial overhaul - CBS News"

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu got out of the hospital in time for the expected vote by lawmakers on the historic plan by his ultra-conservative government."
24-07-2023 09:07:15

"Israels Netanyahu hospitalized amid protests against judicial reform plan - CBS News"

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was hospitalized again on Sunday after an emergency heart procedure. There were widespread protests ahead of the government's vote Monday on the first bill related to his contentious judicial reform plan."
24-07-2023 02:53:38

"Video: Benjamin Netanyahu speaks out following hospitalization | CNN"

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was fitted with a pacemaker – a surgery performed just before the Knesset is set to vote on a controversial judicial reform bill, according to a statement from his office. CNN’s Hadas Gold reports."
24-07-2023 00:20:11

"Israelis rally ahead of critical vote to weaken power of courts | CNN"

"Thousands of marchers arrived in Jerusalem Saturday, the culmination of a five-day walk from Tel Aviv to protest against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to weaken the powers of Israel’s courts."
23-07-2023 13:51:13

" Albright Rings Up Netanyahu - CBS News"

"Secretary Of State Wants Israel To Turn Territory Over To Palenstinians"
22-07-2023 06:42:46

" Mideast Talks Resume Amid Tension - CBS News"

"Israel And Palestinians Discuss U.S. Plan"
22-07-2023 06:41:51

" Iranian Missile Can Reach Israel - CBS News"

"White House Confirms Wednesday's Test"
22-07-2023 06:41:40

" How President Trumps foreign policy is sending signals to the world - CBS News"

"Fran Townsend, former homeland security adviser under President George W. Bush, talks Iran, Russia and Israeli settlements"
21-07-2023 18:41:08

"Video: Hear Israels president reassure congress about their democracy despite judicial fight - CNN Video"

20-07-2023 01:42:12

"Opinion: The GOP’s double standard on antisemitism | CNN"

"Rabbi Jay Michaelson writes that the disparate treatment of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Rep. Pramila Jayapal in light of their comments on Israel, is galling."
19-07-2023 18:54:16

"Biden to welcome Israels Herzog to White House | CNN Politics"

"Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s visit to the White House on Tuesday is meant to demonstrate steadfast American commitment to Israel and its security 75 years after the country’s establishment."
18-07-2023 12:18:16