"Video: Tower in Gaza City collapses after being hit by airstrike | CNN"

"Video: Tower in Gaza City collapses after being hit by airstrike | CNN"

"Two towers in Gaza City, which host media offices and residential apartments, collapsed after they were hit by an airstrike. It was not immediately clear if there were casualties."
07-10-2023 22:44:20

"Video shows Hamas fighters storming Israel-Gaza border crossing | CNN"

"The Izzedine al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, released a video showing a group of at least seven fighters storming the Erez Crossing post, the main border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel."
07-10-2023 22:44:19

" What we know about the Hamas attack on Israel - CBS News"

"The Hamas militant group attacked Israel on Saturday, marking the deadliest attack in Israel in decades."
07-10-2023 21:36:12

" Middle East leaders praise and condemn Hamas attacks against Israel - CBS News"

"Some countries condemned the attacks against Israel and urged for restraint, while others praised the resistance groups."
07-10-2023 21:19:18

"Photos: The deadly clashes in Israel and Gaza | CNN"

"Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the country is at war Saturday after Palestinian militants in Gaza fired a deadly barrage of rockets and sent gunmen into Israeli territory in a major escalation of the long-running conflict between the two sides."
07-10-2023 20:47:10

"Video appears to show Hamas taking woman hostage near Gaza | CNN"

"In videos geolocated and authenticated by CNN, Hamas appears to have taken Israelis captive in and near Gaza. In one of the videos, geolocated by CNN to a neighborhood in Gaza, a barefoot woman is pulled from the trunk of a Jeep by a gunman and then forced into the backseat of the car. CNN’s Christiane Amanpour reports."
07-10-2023 20:11:21

"Video: Retired US colonel Cedric Leighton breaks down what Israel is likely to do next | CNN"

"Retired Colonel Cedric Leighton joins CNN to break down how Israel might respond to the early morning surprise attack from militant group Hamas."
07-10-2023 20:01:59

"10/7: CBS Saturday Morning - CBS News"

"Dozens killed, hundreds wounded after unprecedented attack in Israel; Feeling the heat at Chicago's El Che Steakhouse"
07-10-2023 19:37:12

"What to know about the surprise Hamas attack on Israel | CNN"

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the country is “at war” following a surprise large-scale attack by Palestinian militants from Gaza early Saturday morning."
07-10-2023 18:46:15

"Watch: They want the annihilation of Israel: IDF Spokesperson speaks up | CNN"

"Israeli Defense Forces Spokesperson Richard Hecht joins CNN This Morning to discuss the recent attacks on Israel."
07-10-2023 18:12:15

"GeenStijl: LIVEBLOG III. Tientallen jonge Israëlische vrouwen gegijzeld in Gaza, minstens 2 Merkava 4- tanks veroverd, Hezbollah nadert noordgrens, Israel mobiliseert voor "ongekende wraak""

"Deel 1 en 2 zag u hier. Onderstaand verder met deel 3"
07-10-2023 16:34:07

"Eye Opener: Israeli forces declare state of war - CBS News"

"Israeli defense forces have declared a state of war after Hamas militants invaded the country. Meanwhile, multiple airlines have admitted to using unapproved jet engine parts. All that and all that matters in today’s Eye Opener."
07-10-2023 14:48:14

" The "Israeli Spring" versus Netanyahu - CBS News"

"Social protest grows against a prime minister who abuses the weak and destroys the middle class"
07-10-2023 14:34:05

"Watch: Video purportedly shows a captured Israeli soldier dragged by militant group Hamas | CNN"

"The militant group Hamas said it captured Israeli soldiers near the Gaza border during its surprise attack that left at least 22 dead."
07-10-2023 14:14:16

"GeenStijl: LIVEBLOG. Hamas valt Israel binnen, gijzelt en moordt. Israel start operatie "IRON SWORDS""

"Goedemorgen we gaan hier verder, eerdere updates vanaf 07:00 zag u hier."
07-10-2023 10:36:05

"Palestinian gunmen infiltrate Israel after rocket barrage from Gaza - BBC News"

"Hamas claims to have launched thousands of rockets in what it says is a new operation against Israel."
07-10-2023 09:08:28

"Multiple rockets fired from Gaza toward Israel | CNN"

"Multiple rockets were fired from Gaza toward Israel Saturday morning, according to Israeli rescue services and a CNN producer on the ground."
07-10-2023 06:18:14

"American man arrested in Israel for smashing Roman statues in museum | CNN"

"An American man has been arrested in Israel on suspicion of “the deliberate defacement” of valuable sculptures at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Israeli police have confirmed."
06-10-2023 18:41:13

"Israeli police arrest five following uproar over Jews spitting on Christians | CNN"

"Israel Police arrested five people Wednesday on suspicion of spitting towards Christians or churches in the Old City of Jerusalem, they announced, following an uproar a day earlier over Orthodox Jews spitting at Christian pilgrims."
04-10-2023 15:41:15

"Siapa Petani Pertama di Dunia?"

"Beberapa bukti paling awal mengenai pertanian berasal dari Bulan Sabit Subur, sebuah wilayah yang mencakup Irak, Suriah, dan Israel. Jadi, siapa pelopor petani pertama?"
03-10-2023 23:06:17

" Spyware may be targeting some 1,000 journalists, dissidents and human rights activists worldwide, probe shows - CBS News"

"Probe by global media consortium shows military-grade malware from Israel-based NSO Group is also being used to keep tabs on dissidents and human rights activists."
03-10-2023 21:36:21

" Quiz: Donald Trumps policy shifts, revisions, and reversals - Election 2016 - CBS News"

"On some issues, the GOP frontrunner has been crystal clear - on others, not so much"
03-10-2023 11:40:49

" Israeli leader turned down secret peace initiative, ex-officials say - CBS News"

"Then-Secretary of State John Kerry​ proposed regional recognition of Israel as a Jewish state alongside a renewal of peace talks, two former officials told AP"
03-10-2023 00:37:18