"Photos: Mass shootings in Lewiston, Maine | CNN"

"Photos: Mass shootings in Lewiston, Maine | CNN"

"An intensive manhunt is underway after more than a dozen people were killed in two shootings Wednesday night at a bowling alley and a restaurant in Lewiston, Maine, authorities said."
26-10-2023 17:58:29

"Timeline of the Lewiston, Maine, mass shooting | CNN"

"Here’s a timeline of how the shooting in Lewiston, Maine – and the manhunt for a suspect – have unfolded so far."
26-10-2023 17:14:16

"Auburn, Maine Mayor Jason Levesque on his citys response to the mass shooting - CBS News"

"At least 16 people were killed and dozens injured in a mass shooting at two locations in Lewiston, Maine, Wednesday night, State Police said. Residents in the area have been urged to shelter in place. Mayor Jason Levesque, of neighboring Auburn, joins "CBS Mornings" with more."
26-10-2023 16:40:40

"Manhunt underway after gunman opens fire in Lewiston, Maine, killing at least 16 - CBS News"

"A widespread manhunt is underway in Maine after a gunman opened fire in two separate locations in Lewiston, killing at least 16 people and injuring dozens of others. Elaine Quijano has the latest."
26-10-2023 15:49:36

"Video: Little girl grazed by bullet in Maine shooting asks heartbreaking question | CNN"

"Survivors of the mass shootings in Lewiston, Maine, speak out about the tragic events that left at least 16 people dead as the suspect remains at large."
26-10-2023 14:35:44

"Manhunt for suspect underway after at least 22 killed in Lewiston, Maine mass shootings | CNN"

"A manhunt is underway for a gunman after at least 22 people were killed and dozens more were injured in mass shootings across a bar and a bowling alley in Lewiston, Maine, Wednesday night, authorities said."
26-10-2023 11:51:35

"Klopjacht op schutter Lewiston: 'Hij werkt als wapeninstructeur' | RTL Nieuws"

"Bij een schietpartij in de Amerikaanse staat Maine zijn vermoedelijk meer dan 20 mensen omgekomen. De verdachte, de 40-jarige Robert Card, sloeg op de vlucht. "Hij was reservist in het Amerikaanse leger en wapeninstructeur", vertelt correspondent Erik Mouthaan."
26-10-2023 08:11:13

"Lewiston, Maine: At least 16 feared dead in shooting with suspect not caught - BBC News"

"The shootings in Lewiston happened in at least two locations - a restaurant and bowling alley."
26-10-2023 07:53:32

"At least 16 killed in shooting in Lewiston, Maine, law enforcement officials say - CBS News"

"At least 16 people were killed in a shooting in Lewiston, Maine, Wednesday night, multiple law enforcement officials told CBS News, but they indicated the death toll could be higher than 20."
26-10-2023 04:46:26

"Video shows people sprinting out of bowling alley in Maine | CNN"

"Video shared with CNN shows people running from the scene of one of the multiple active shooter events in Lewiston, Maine. "
26-10-2023 04:46:21

"CNN analyst explains what stands out in photo of suspect | CNN"

"At least 16 people are dead in multiple shootings in Lewiston, Maine, Wednesday night, according to multiple law enforcement sources. Dozens are injured in the incidents, though it’s unclear how many are injured due to gunfire, the sources told CNN. CNN’s John Miller reports."
26-10-2023 04:04:32

" Maine police investigating "active shooter" at multiple locations in Lewiston - CBS News"

"Authorities responded to an active shooter at multiple locations in Lewiston, Maine State Police said."
26-10-2023 03:21:34

"Suspect at large after 2 active shooter incidents in area of Lewiston, Maine, sheriff says | CNN"

"Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office is investigating two active shooter events, according to a post on Facebook."
26-10-2023 02:47:15