"NEC als eerste naar halve finales KNVB-beker na ruime winst op ADO Den Haag"

"NEC als eerste naar halve finales KNVB-beker na ruime winst op ADO Den Haag"

06-02-2024 22:08:39

"NEC maakt na rust korte metten met ADO • Chery weer belangrijk voor NEC"

06-02-2024 22:08:32

"NEC maakt na rust korte metten met ADO • Chery weer belangrijk voor NEC"

06-02-2024 21:36:30

"ADO maakt het NEC wat moeilijker • Ogawa zette NEC vroeg op voorsprong"

06-02-2024 21:01:11

"NEC razendsnel op voorsprong tegen ADO • Ogawa kopt na twee minuten raak"

06-02-2024 20:27:10

" Clinton: Taliban talks unpleasant but necessary - CBS News"

"Secretary of State tells lawmakers that negotiations would only involve those who break ties with terror groups"
06-02-2024 20:11:00

" McCain: "Unnecessary risk" in Obamas Afghanistan plan - CBS News"

"GOP senator tells Scott Pelley it's "unfortunate" Obama is going against recommendations of military leaders"
06-02-2024 19:44:47

" Nokias dark night of the market - CBS News"

"The company is an industry disaster and CEO Stephen Elop may not have the time needed for the necessary cultural changes"
06-02-2024 10:47:37

" Pinnacle Airlines files for bankruptcy protection - CBS News"

"Airline operates regional flights as Delta Connection, United Express and US Airways Express; says current business model isn't sustainable"
06-02-2024 10:38:52

"Grootboek betaald voetbal - NRC"

"Hoofdklas (zondag): Fortuna—ADO 1—2; NAC—Go Ahead 1—2; Ajax—Telstar 3—0; NEC—DOS 1—1; Sparta—Feijenoord 1—1: Xerxes—Volendam 1—1; PSV—DWS 5—1: MVV—GVAV 1—1;…"
06-02-2024 08:34:02

"Uitslag sporttoto - NRC"

"Fortuna—ADO 2; NAC—Go Ahead 2; NEC—DOS 3; Sparta—Feijenoord 3; Xerxes—Volendam 3; PSV—DWS 1; Twente—Sittardia 1; MVV—GVAV 3; Holland Sport—Willem II 1;…"
06-02-2024 08:30:23

"Wegwijzer voor sport en spel - NRC"

"BETAALD VOETBAL Zondag: 24 december: Hoofdklas: Fortuna—ADO NAC—Go Ahead Ajax—Telstar NEC—DOS Sparta—Feijenoord Xerxes—Volendam PSV—DWS M V V—G V A V…"
06-02-2024 07:45:37

" Unhealthy Diagnosis - CBS News"

"<b>Ed Bradley</b> On Probe Of Potentially Unnecessary Heart Operations"
05-02-2024 19:47:54

" Super Bowl 2024 commercials will have brands betting big on celebrity appeal and comebacks - CBS News"

"With such a high price tag for Super Bowl ads, the pressure is on in 2024 for advertisers to create memorable and impactful commercials that connect with millions of viewers — and, for Bud Light, to distance itself from controversy."
05-02-2024 19:47:39

"Pastoor ziet dat bij NEC de wil om te winnen ontbreekt - Voetbal International"

05-02-2024 14:49:18

"Overtuigend Feyenoord blijft in titelrace na zege op NEC - Voetbal International"

05-02-2024 14:44:31

"Nelom tegen NEC vervanger Martins Indi bij Feyenoord - Voetbal International"

05-02-2024 14:42:47

"Blindentribune bij NEC bestaat 10 jaar: 'We missen geen bal'"

05-02-2024 13:07:03

"Blindentribune NEC bestaat tien jaar: 'We missen geen bal'"

05-02-2024 11:37:25

"Samsung chief Lee Jae-yong acquitted in 2015 merger case | CNN Business"

"Samsung chief Lee Jae-yong was found not guilty by a Seoul court on Monday on charges of stock manipulation and accounting fraud connected to a controversial merger in 2015 of two Samsung affiliates."
05-02-2024 08:44:17

"Facebooks 20th anniversary: See how it all began | CNN Business"

"This clip rewinds to 2005, when CNN spoke to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Back then the platform was known as ‘The Facebook’ and was an online social network for college students. With hopes to update what was then known as the traditional freshman year face book, it soon became a well-connected cyber community for students. Now, on its 20th anniversary the organization and other prominent tech companies, are under fire for not doing enough to protect young users."
05-02-2024 06:11:40

" Why Design Your Site for Mobile Phones? - CBS News"

"I don't know about you, but I ride mass transit every day. Granted, it is the city of San Francisco, and it is one of the most connected cities in the country, but I'm sure the same axiom would hold across every urban area in the U.S. Until today, I just assumed this from personal experience; but t..."
05-02-2024 03:38:18

" The New CEO Philosophy Regarding Boards - CBS News"

"For many years, CEOs regarded boards as necessary evils. Their goal was to stack the board with people who wouldn't challenge management's authority. After Enron and Sarbanes-Oxley, boards veered in the other direction--they included more independenty directors who were more inclined to challenge an..."
05-02-2024 03:26:52

" Countrywides Mozilo Tries To Pull a Fast One on Compensation - CBS News"

"Countrywide Financial Chief Executive Officer Angelo Mozilo seems to have finally obtained some public relations advice--he's announcing that he'll voluntarily give up $37.5 million in severance and consulting pay in connection with Bank of America's takeover of his failed firm. He made this announ..."
05-02-2024 03:09:48

" Can You Trust Your Bosss Boss? - CBS News"

"The disconnect between front-line workers and management is one of the oldest stories in the business world. It has fueled strikes, hampered productivity and soured work environments for as long as there have been org charts. But there is more to it than pay scale and the burden of responsibility..."
05-02-2024 03:08:10

" Should You Hire the More Beautiful Candidate? Ask an Economist - CBS News"

"Beauty and business are not necessarily topics you'd think of as going together, but most of us have heard of studies linking good looks and career advancement. It certainly doesn't seem fair, but is it true? In a strange choice of Christmas special, the Economist recently took a look at the issue...."
05-02-2024 02:52:35

" The Single Most Important Lesson for Boards of Directors - CBS News"

"Ever since the Enron-era scandals, boards have been becoming more independent, better-organized and tougher on management. Without a doubt, much of that has been necessary. But the great risk is that boards overshoot their core mission and discourage executives from taking risks. This is the hear..."
05-02-2024 02:50:12

" Pimping Participation in the Classroom - CBS News"

"Mandatory participation drives me crazy -- particularly when it's directly tied to a grade. At the graduate school level, is it really necessary to require participation?"
05-02-2024 02:50:03

" Online Video Consumed by Half the Connected Population - CBS News"

"One might say Google paid too much for YouTube, but did they? I mean, really, did they? Year-over-year, daily online video watchers has doubled, meaning 48% of internet users now make video part of their online fare. This is certainly a larger figure than was reported earlier this year, but it certa..."
05-02-2024 02:49:59

" The Entrepreneurial Cadaver - CBS News"

"Trading in dead bodies and body parts probably isn't a glamorous profession--some might even view it as ethically squishy and, for many of us, emotionally squeamish. But in our current way of teaching medicine, cadavers are a necessary training resource. They have to be procured from somewhere, a..."
05-02-2024 02:49:55