"Natste dag in tientallen jaren in New York, ook vandaag nog veel regen verwacht | VRT NWS: nieuws"

"Natste dag in tientallen jaren in New York, ook vandaag nog veel regen verwacht | VRT NWS: nieuws"

30-09-2023 12:14:13

"Waterval in metro en nat tot aan de heupen: New York staat blank | RTL Nieuws"

"Wie op dit moment in New York is, waant zich door alle overstromingen bijna in Venetië. Door zware regenval staan de straten blank. Ook onder de grond is het alles behalve droog. Mensen die het metrostelsel ingaan, hebben kans dat het water tot aan de heupen komt."
30-09-2023 11:58:04

"Noodweer legt New York lam: straten en metro's ondergelopen, zeeleeuw ontsnapt"

30-09-2023 08:33:37

"Noodweer in New York zet straten onder water, zeeleeuw zwemt uit dierentuinverblijf | RTL Nieuws"

"Zware regenval in New York heeft geleid tot ondergelopen straten en overstromingen. Een zeeleeuw in de Central Park Zoo wist het extra water zelfs te gebruiken om even te ontsnappen uit haar verblijf."
30-09-2023 06:51:53

" Sparse Crowds Greet Lazio - CBS News"

""Mainstream Express" Tours Upstate New York"
30-09-2023 06:37:41

" Prison Denies Madoff Cancer Report - CBS News"

"New York Post Reported Madoff, 71, Told Inmates He Has Cancer; Befriends Native American, Homosexual Inmates"
30-09-2023 05:11:26

" Affluent County to Pursue Integrated Areas - CBS News"

"Feds Laud Affordable Housing Deal Near New York City as Landmark Agreement"
30-09-2023 05:05:57

" No Lie, Jayson Blairs New Job: Life Coach - CBS News"

"Disgraced Journalist Resigned From The New York Times for Plagiarism"
30-09-2023 04:36:54

" Donald Trump expects to attend start of New York civil trial Monday - CBS News"

"Former President Donald Trump expects to attend at least the first day of the civil trial pitting him and the Trump Organization against New York Attorney General Letitia James."
30-09-2023 03:10:23

"Record-breaking rainfall causes flooding in New York City - CBS News"

"Parts of New York City and the metro area were left paralyzed Friday as torrential rain overwhelmed city streets. Residents were urged to stay home or shelter in place. Errol Barnett reports."
30-09-2023 02:19:44

" Flooding allowed one New Yorker a small taste of freedom — a sea lion at the Central Park Zoo - CBS News"

"A watery escape, a little exploration — Friday's storm offered an opportunity for adventure for one of the Central Park Zoo's sea lions."
30-09-2023 00:37:17

"Sophie Turner trekt in huis Taylor Swift na breuk met Joe Jonas | RTL Nieuws"

"Nu haar huwelijk met Joe Jonas (34) gesneuveld is, lijkt Sophie Turner (27) vooral steun te zoeken bij Taylor Swift (33). De twee worden sinds de aankondiging van de scheiding opvallend vaak met elkaar gespot en Taylor heeft nu ook hét ultieme gebaar naar Sophie gedaan. Sophie mag namelijk in het appartement van Taylor verblijven in New York. Saillant detail: Taylor had ooit zelf ook een relatie met Joe."
29-09-2023 22:06:35

"Noodweer legt New York lam, waarschuwingen voor overstromingen"

29-09-2023 22:05:22

"Video: Meteorologist maps out flash flood warnings across New York City | CNN"

"A coastal storm is dumping heavy rain over New York City and the Northeast, where downpours threaten to flood subways and roads."
29-09-2023 18:40:14

" Donald Trump angrily denies flood of sexual assault accusations - CBS News"

"Dizzying array of charges -- likely a reaction to Trump’s blanket denial of sexual misconduct during debate -- depict an egotistical celebrity willing to accost women whenever the mood struck"
29-09-2023 17:49:54

" New York Times reporters defend report on two womens sexual assault accusations against Donald Trump - CBS News"

"Megan Twohey and Michael Barbaro respond to Trump campaign's claim that the report featuring two women's accounts of unwanted sexual advances by the GOP nominee is "fiction""
29-09-2023 17:49:52

" Mike Pence talks plane skid, voter fraud, and state of the race - CBS News"

"Trump's vice presidential nominee discusses "10 seconds of uncertainty" during landing after rainy day in New York City"
29-09-2023 17:41:12

" Watch live: State of Emergency in effect as storm brings flooding, damage to New York City and beyond - CBS News"

"Parked cars were seen partially submerged in water. Some sidewalks were submerged. Subway service and mass transit were disrupted."
29-09-2023 17:15:39

"10 things I wish I knew before I moved from New York to London | CNN"

"Kim Davis moved from New York to London, 20 years ago and is still learning what it means to be British. But for anyone else making the trip, here’s how to avoid the mistakes she made."
29-09-2023 16:41:14

"VIdeo: Trump NY fraud trial set to start Monday. Heres what we can expect | CNN Politics"

"CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig breaks down the New York civil fraud trial set to start Monday against Donald Trump and his eldest sons. "
29-09-2023 16:34:15

" 400-pound stingray caught in Long Island Sound in "relatively rare" sighting - CBS News"

"The 400-pound stingray was nearly the length of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce."
29-09-2023 15:50:52

"Ed Sheeran wil voor elk seizoen een album uitbrengen | RTL Nieuws"

"Ed Sheeran (32) heeft vrijdag zijn nieuwe album 'Autumn Variations' uitgebracht, maar is niet van plan het bij een herfstplaat te laten. De zanger wil voor elk seizoen een album maken, vertelde hij volgens Britse media tijdens een evenement voor zijn nieuwe plaat in New York."
29-09-2023 09:36:20

" ​Celebrating the Hudson River School of art - CBS News"

"In the exhibition "River Crossings" in Upstate New York, contemporary artists honor their forbears of the mid-19th century"
29-09-2023 07:40:48

" Santas rosy cheeks lead to diagnosis - CBS News"

"An actor in New York, recently cast as a singing Santa, found himself in a frightening real life medical drama of his own"
29-09-2023 03:11:43

" New York Times John Tierney on strategies to keep New Years resolutions - CBS News"

"Research shows most people will break their goals by July, but New York Times' John Tierney shows how you can beat those odds"
29-09-2023 03:11:11

" ​Woman beats DWI with rare defense: Her body brews alcohol - CBS News"

"New Yorker has condition called "auto-brewery syndrome," in which her digestive system ferments high-carbohydrate foods into alcohol"
29-09-2023 03:11:06

" 25 years on, a look back at one of the most iconic photographs in hip-hop history - CBS News"

"On a September day in 1998, 177 of the greatest artists in hip-hop gathered together on a city block in Harlem."
29-09-2023 02:50:04

"Man arrested after hauling 40 pounds of fentanyl on New York City subway, police say - CBS News"

"A suspect accused of running a drug mill out of a Bronx apartment was arrested Tuesday after authorities said he rode on the New York City subway with 40 pounds of fentanyl. Lilia Luciano has more."
29-09-2023 02:15:08

"Google trying to seal testimony as antitrust trial enters third week - CBS News"

"The government's antitrust case against Google is now entering its third week, but efforts by the tech giant to close off testimony to the public are raising questions about transparency in the Justice Department's biggest monopoly trial in more than 20 years. Nico Grant, a technology reporter at the New York Times, joined CBS News to discuss the case."
28-09-2023 23:07:12

"Donald Trump and his adult children are listed as potential witnesses in NY fraud case | CNN Politics"

"Donald Trump, his adult children, and his closest business advisers could be called to testify during the civil fraud trial expected to begin next week in New York."
28-09-2023 19:31:47