"‘Polio Paul,’ who spent most of the past 70 years in an iron lung, dies at 78 | CNN"

"‘Polio Paul,’ who spent most of the past 70 years in an iron lung, dies at 78 | CNN"

"Paul Alexander, who lived inside an iron lung for over 70 years and defied expectations by becoming a lawyer and author, died Monday afternoon at the age of 78, according to his brother Philip Alexander."
14-03-2024 01:43:30

"Langst overlevende in ijzeren long Paul Alexander (78) overleden | RTL Nieuws"

"De langst overlevende patiënt in een ijzeren long is overleden. De 78-jarige Paul Alexander lag in het mechanische beademingsapparaat nadat hij op 6-jarige leeftijd polio had opgelopen en verlamd was geraakt. Hij werd onlangs in het ziekenhuis opgenomen met corona."
13-03-2024 20:08:22

"Paul Alexander (78) overleden, man die 70 jaar in "ijzeren long" leefde | VRT NWS: nieuws"

13-03-2024 17:14:19

"Polio Pauls 30-year romance with blind woman who was his arms and legs after fiancée heartbreak - Mirror Online"

" Up to the point of Paul Alexander’s death on Monday, Kathy Gaines was by him nearly every step of the way. She was blind but was his ‘arms and legs’, while Polio Paul became her eyes "
13-03-2024 17:12:52

"What is the iron lung that kept Polio Paul alive for more than 70 years — and how does it work? - Mirror Online"

"Paul Alexander — known around the world as Polio Paul — died on Monday after reportedly catching Covid-19 but his iron lung was his 'cocoon' that kept him alive for 70 years"
13-03-2024 15:54:57

"Paul Alexanders cause of death revealed as Polio Paul dies aged 78 after 70 years in iron lung - Mirror Online"

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13-03-2024 15:14:05

" Paul Alexander, 78-year-old Dallas man who lived in an iron lung for most of his life, dies - CBS News"

"He lived in the iron lung since surviving polio in the 1950s."
13-03-2024 14:40:46

"Paul Alexander ist tot: Letzter Mensch mit Eiserner Lunge gestorben | Leben & Wissen | BILD.de"

"Paul Alexander ist tot. Er war der letzte Mensch in einer Eisernen Lunge."
13-03-2024 11:37:43

"Polio Paul dies aged 78 after living in 7ft iron lung for more than 70 years - Mirror Online"

"Paul Alexander was struck down by polio in 1952 and was left paralysed. He could only move his head, neck and mouth and almost died before doctors put him in an iron lung"
13-03-2024 09:51:17