"Israeli troops are in central Rafah, IDF confirms | CNN"

"Israeli troops are in central Rafah, IDF confirms | CNN"

"The Israeli military is in central Rafah, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed in a statement Friday, despite international concern and anger over its military operation in Gaza’s southernmost city."
31-05-2024 15:11:55

"All Eyes on Rafah: The post shared by 47m people"

"An AI-generated image with the text “All eyes on Rafah” has been shared more than 45 million times."
30-05-2024 19:12:50

"How U.S.-made weapons are being used by the Israeli military in Gaza - CBS News"

"Dozens were killed in a strike on Sunday that Israel said was targeting two Hamas leaders. Images from the blast site show remnants of what three independent weapons experts told CBS News is an American-made GBU-39 warhead. The Biden administration is coming under increasing pressure to restrict the flow of arms as the civilian death toll in Gaza continues to rise."
30-05-2024 17:13:16

"‘All Eyes on Rafah’: How a viral image of Gaza took over the internet | CNN"

"Likely created using artificial intelligence, the graphic has been shared more than 46 million times on Instagram alone, raising questions and critiques."
30-05-2024 17:12:55

"Podcast De Dag: de rode lijn Rafah"

30-05-2024 15:20:18

"Eye Opener: Former President Trumps New York hush money case is now in the hands of the jury - CBS News"

"Former President Trump's New York hush money case is now in the hands of the jury. What we know so far about the deliberations. Also, Israel's army pushes deeper into Rafah, as we learn American bombs were used in deadly airstrikes. All that and all that matters in today's Eye Opener."
30-05-2024 15:14:15

"How Joe Biden’s red line on Israel went from a ‘parlor game’ to a murky milestone | CNN Politics"

"After dozens of Palestinian civilians were killed following an Israeli airstrike in Rafah this week, the White House made clear: The incident did not cross the red line President Joe Biden has drawn when it comes to providing certain American weapons to Israel."
30-05-2024 13:14:03

"Gaza : les services israéliens ont-ils négligé l’importance de Yahya Sinouar ?"

"La traque de Yahya Sinouar, le concepteur et organisateur des attaques du 7 octobre 2023, se poursuit à Gaza, où l’armée israélienne concentre ses efforts autour de Rafah."
30-05-2024 12:07:22

"Israëlische militairen doodgereden op Westbank • Humanitaire hulp stortte in na aanval op Rafah"

30-05-2024 11:36:46

"Watch: Video shows Israeli tanks moving further into Rafah - CNN Video"

30-05-2024 11:17:32

"Marseille, Montpellier, Lyon… Plusieurs mairies éteignent leurs lumières pour les victimes civiles de Rafah"

"Les hôtels de ville de grandes agglomérations françaises, comme Marseille et Montpellier, ont éteint leurs lumières mercredi 29 mai au soir, deux jours après une frappe meurtrière à Rafah."
30-05-2024 07:17:28

"Israel releases footage of its forces 'inside Rafah'"

30-05-2024 04:09:58

"U.S.-made bombs used in Rafah airstrike, weapons experts say - CBS News"

"Several independent weapons experts told CBS News that images gathered from the blast site of Sunday's Israeli airstrike on the southern Gaza city of Rafah, which killed dozens of Palestinians, shows clear evidence that an American-made GBU-39 warhead was used in the attack. Imtiaz Tyab reports from East Jerusalem."
30-05-2024 02:12:07

"Humanitaire hulp aan Gaza enorm gedaald sinds offensief Rafah | RTL Nieuws"

"De hoeveelheid humanitaire hulp die de Gazastrook binnenkomt is met twee derde gedaald sinds Israël deze maand met het offensief in Rafah begon. "De hoeveelheid voedsel en andere hulp die Gaza binnenkomt, die toch al onvoldoende is om aan de stijgende behoeften te voldoen, is sinds 7 mei verder gekrompen", geeft VN-hulporganisatie OCHA aan."
30-05-2024 00:45:29

"Israeli tanks seen in Rafah as airstrikes resume, reports say - CBS News"

"Military tanks have been seen inside Rafah, according to reports, as Israel continues its offensive against Hamas in the southern city of Gaza. CBS News' Imtiaz Tyab reports."
29-05-2024 23:22:36

"War in Gaza could last another seven months, Israel warns | CNN"

"The war in Gaza will likely continue through at least the end of the year, an Israeli official warned Wednesday, seeming to dismiss the idea that fighting would end after the military offensive against Hamas in Rafah."
29-05-2024 18:42:53

"Tanks rijden door centrum Rafah: 'Israël niet van plan te stoppen' | RTL Nieuws"

"Israëlische tanks hebben voor het eerst het centrum van Rafah bereikt. De stad in het zuiden van de Gazastrook, waar momenteel hard wordt gevochten, is volgens Israël het laatste bolwerk van Hamas."
29-05-2024 18:13:33

" U.S.-made bomb used in Israeli strike on Rafah that killed dozens, munitions experts say - CBS News"

"Analysis of images of shrapnel gathered at the scene of an Israeli strike in Rafah on Sunday showed evidence of a bomb that was a U.S.-made GBU-39"
29-05-2024 18:09:51

""All eyes on Rafah": beeld dat aandacht vraagt voor oorlog in Gaza gaat viraal op sociale media | VRT NWS: nieuws"

29-05-2024 18:09:44

"Israeli military denies involvement in strikes on two encampments in Gaza - CBS News"

"Palestinians say dozens have been killed in the latest Israeli attacks on two camps, including one for people displaced by the war. Israel's military continues to insist it isn't behind the attacks on the two encampments."
29-05-2024 16:08:29

"Nepfoto 'All eyes on Rafah' bereikt miljoenen, maar in Gaza verandert niets | RTL Nieuws"

"Talloze foto's zijn er van de gruwelijkheden in Gaza, maar juist een door AI gegenereerde afbeelding bereikt momenteel miljoenen mensen wereldwijd op sociale media. Het plaatje met de tekst 'All eyes on Rafah' wordt massaal gedeeld sinds de luchtaanval van Israël op die stad. De online demonstratie kán politieke druk uitoefenen, maar beïnvloedt vooral de publieke opinie."
29-05-2024 16:07:42

"Beeld 'All Eyes on Rafah' tientallen miljoen keren gedeeld op sociale media"

29-05-2024 13:52:57

"US-made bombs reportedly used in strike on Rafah refugee camp that killed 45 - World News - Mirror Online"

"WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT: The strike has drawn international condemnation but US and UK weapons continue to pour into Israel to be rained down on the Palestinian population of the besieged Gaza Strip"
29-05-2024 10:21:20

"Overschrijdt Israël de ‘rode lijn’ met het offensief in Rafah?"

29-05-2024 08:07:55

"Israël ontkent aanval op humanitaire zone Gaza • VS uit zorgen over luchtaanval Rafah"

29-05-2024 08:06:32

"US-made munitions used in deadly strike on Rafah tent camp, CNN analysis shows | CNN"

"Munitions made in the United States were used in the deadly Israeli strike on a displacement camp in Rafah on Sunday, a CNN analysis of video from the scene and a review by explosive weapons experts has found."
29-05-2024 06:10:12

"Rafah : l’Algérie prépare une résolution à l’ONU, Washington ne « change pas » sa position"

"Malgré la frappe israélienne largement condamnée par la communauté internationale, les États-Unis estiment que l’offensive à Rafah reste « limitée »."
29-05-2024 03:47:52

"Israel Gaza: Rafah offensive not a major operation, US says"

"It comes after witnesses reported seeing Israeli tanks in the centre of the city on Tuesday. "
29-05-2024 00:07:44

"White House says attack at Rafah camp did not cross Biden’s red line over supporting Israel | CNN Politics"

"President Joe Biden is not altering his policy toward Israel following a deadly strike that resulted in the death of more than 45 people, the White House said Tuesday, suggesting the incident had not yet crossed a red line that would force changes in American support."
28-05-2024 23:17:22

"Israel-Gaza: What does ICJ ruling on Israel's Rafah offensive mean?"

"Last week the UN's top court delivered the latest in a series of contested rulings in a case brought by S Africa."
28-05-2024 22:25:38