"Meta launches its Threads social media platform, designed to rival Twitter - CBS News"

"Meta launches its Threads social media platform, designed to rival Twitter - CBS News"

"Tech giant Meta has rolled out the company's latest social media platform, Threads, which is meant to serve as an alternative to Twitter. It comes as Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter owner Elon Musk have continued to trade barbs. Jonathan Vigliotti has more on what Threads users can expect."
07-07-2023 01:45:21

"Twitter threatens to sue Meta after rival app Threads gains traction | CNN Business"

"Twitter is threatening Meta with a lawsuit after the blockbuster launch of Meta’s new Twitter rival, Threads — in perhaps the clearest sign yet that Twitter views the app as a competitive threat."
06-07-2023 23:12:11

" Zuckerberg claims millions of Threads signups within hours of launch - CBS News"

"The CEO of Facebook's parent company is trying to position Threads as a direct challenger to Twitter."
06-07-2023 16:41:29

"Meta releases Threads, long-awaited app linked to Instagram - CBS News"

"Meta has released a new app similar to Twitter in a direct challenge to the social media platform owned by billionaire Elon Musk. Jonathan Vigliotti has the story."
06-07-2023 14:42:16

" Mark Zuckerbergs first tweet in over a decade is playful jab at Elon Musks Twitter - CBS News"

"The Meta CEO tweeted at Musk as he says more than 10 million people signed up for his Twitter-rival app Threads within hours of its launch."
06-07-2023 14:08:11

"GeenStijl: Zuckerberg lanceert Twitter-rivaal Instagram Threads, Elon Musk traint door voor MMA-gevecht"

"Lees even mee"
06-07-2023 13:36:34

"Meta lanceert Twitter-alternatief ‘Threads’, maar nog niet in EU"

06-07-2023 13:00:18

"With Twitter in chaos, Zuckerbergs Threads looks to pounce | CNN Business"

"Mark Zuckerberg has tried for years to take on Twitter. Now he may finally have his best chance to deliver a knockout blow to the social network at a turbulent moment."
06-07-2023 10:38:05

" Metas "Twitter killer" app Threads is on its way – and you can get a cheat code to download it - CBS News"

"The social media company is expected to debut the new service on Thursday, July 6. It also has a sneaky way to get a download."
05-07-2023 21:08:14

"Facebook-moeder Meta komt met app die moet gaan concurreren met Twitter | RTL Nieuws"

"Facebook-moeder Meta Platforms lanceert binnenkort een app die moet gaan concurreren met Twitter. Threads, zoals de app heet, zal volgens een vermelding in de App Store van Apple vanaf 6 juli beschikbaar zijn."
04-07-2023 08:36:01