"Meta releases Threads, long-awaited app linked to Instagram - CBS News"

"Meta releases Threads, long-awaited app linked to Instagram - CBS News"

"Meta has released a new app similar to Twitter in a direct challenge to the social media platform owned by billionaire Elon Musk. Jonathan Vigliotti has the story."
06-07-2023 14:42:16

" Mark Zuckerbergs first tweet in over a decade is playful jab at Elon Musks Twitter - CBS News"

"The Meta CEO tweeted at Musk as he says more than 10 million people signed up for his Twitter-rival app Threads within hours of its launch."
06-07-2023 14:08:11

"GeenStijl: Zuckerberg lanceert Twitter-rivaal Instagram Threads, Elon Musk traint door voor MMA-gevecht"

"Lees even mee"
06-07-2023 13:36:34

"Meta lanceert Twitter-alternatief ‘Threads’, maar nog niet in EU"

06-07-2023 13:00:18

"With Twitter in chaos, Zuckerbergs Threads looks to pounce | CNN Business"

"Mark Zuckerberg has tried for years to take on Twitter. Now he may finally have his best chance to deliver a knockout blow to the social network at a turbulent moment."
06-07-2023 10:38:05

" Metas "Twitter killer" app Threads is on its way – and you can get a cheat code to download it - CBS News"

"The social media company is expected to debut the new service on Thursday, July 6. It also has a sneaky way to get a download."
05-07-2023 21:08:14

"Facebook-moeder Meta komt met app die moet gaan concurreren met Twitter | RTL Nieuws"

"Facebook-moeder Meta Platforms lanceert binnenkort een app die moet gaan concurreren met Twitter. Threads, zoals de app heet, zal volgens een vermelding in de App Store van Apple vanaf 6 juli beschikbaar zijn."
04-07-2023 08:36:01